Monthly Archives: February 2017

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry. I couldn’t cover you up completely.But I didn’t knew that was my job,cried Bikini.

I’m sorry. I exposed your legs to the prying eyes,cried shorts. My mistake too, I let them get a view of your midriff,said tank top

I’m sorry,said the skirt,I think the slit was way too long.

I’m sorry,said the jeans ,I shouldn’t have been so tight.

I’m sorry said the top,I let your bra peep out.

I’m sorry said the duppata I shouldn’t have slipped.But believe me it was the wind.

I’m sorry said the saree,I flaunted your curves.

I’m sorry said the burkha. The guy could see your eyes.

I’m sorry said the universe. I let you believe

you were equal.

I’m sorry said the mother I should have killed you while you were in my womb.

I’m sorry said GOD. I’m ashamed I created MEN.