Daughter-In-Law != Maid

Supreme court of India said,” Daughter-in-law should be treated as a family member and not housemaid” splashed across the newspapers.

Reading the news,

  • Women and hopefully few men too were happy to see the statement. Something they wanted to scream and say to their parents/in-laws was now out in open. They must have folded the paper with this news at top so that it could be read by their parents or in laws.
  • People identified with the concern Supreme Court expressed. The news was religiously shared on social media for the public who uses social media sites as their news source.
  • As for me, the news at first amused me, than disturbed me and then I felt ashamed.

The highest court of India had to guide millions of Indians on the way to behave with their daughter in law. Do we need to tell people, is it not obvious!!

As obvious as the values we received in our moral science class,

  1. YOU should respect your elders
  2. YOU should never cheat
  3. YOU should help people in need
  4. YOU should never make derogatory remarks about someone.

Or as obvious as the lessons a girl is bestowed with when she is about to marry,

  • YOU should always stand beside your husband and help him grow
  • YOU should treat his parents as your own
  • YOU should accept the new family whole heartedly.

Sadly, the reported facts of India tell a different story and hence the aforementioned statement from the court. If read by the intended audience it would deter them to badly treat their daughter-in-law’s, hopefully!!

For the future generation, I think we need to also include the following in the moral sciences lectures:

  • Treat your daughter-in law with dignity
  • She is not a maid
  • She is a living & breathing human being.

Hopefully, in the future generation the facts and figures would be different.



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