Planning a Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot

Come wedding season and your facebook feeds are filled with the pre-wed photo shoots of all the couples. Beautiful background, lovely dresses and mushy pose; replace one couple with another and you won’t notice the difference. Like always we will simply like the photos on facebook (it has become sort of an obligation nowadays).If you are the bride or groom to be, please think out of the box .Each love story is unique, then why the photo-shoot should be same!!

  1. Think of a theme/story:

We spend a considerable amount of time and money in choosing a good candid photographer for our pre wedding shoots. But we rarely spend time in thinking about the theme. Most of the photos I see is of couples with beautiful dresses and beautiful backdrops. But there is a story missing. What if you can give a theme to your photo-shoot (Comic/Any series) or tell your love story or any other story (Any fable or any of your favorite fictional couple).

I had penned down our story for our invite. And I did my photo shoot based on the same. Our photo shoot got featured in WeddingSutra- Our Story. Many people reverted back to me saying they loved the invite and photos.

Of course I had shot the mushy and funny photos too besides the one I shot for the story.

2) Decide on location:

Based on your theme/story, choose your location. Try to keep the locations as real as possible. If you had met at a bus stop- Shoot at a bus stop. If you both like beaches, shoot one at the beach. Do not pick a location just because it is beautiful.

3) Decide on the dresses:

Story gives you ample of opportunities to try variety of dresses. You can wear casual clothes to depict your first meet. If you first met when you both went on a hike, wear the dresses to recreate the same. You can wear beautiful gowns to depict your first date or anniversary.

4) Work with your photographer:

Brainstorm with your photographer on every aspect. Luckily, my photographer was a close friend. However she and her partner were thorough professionals. She prepared a word doc depicting her visualizations of the photo.

My photographer-IfPixelsCouldTalk

5) Using the photos:

This is an idea my photographer friend had. She displayed photos on Facebook one or two a day. This created quite a curiosity. My friends, colleagues, relatives all were waiting to see more. It was my star moment. We made sure to not use the same photos that I will use in my invite. She then printed those photos and we displayed it at our marriage hall. This way all the non-facebook users too could see it. The elders of the family too loved the idea and they were all happy with the novelty of the concept.

So rack your brains and heart and think of something unique and personal to capture a lifetime of memories.



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