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Legally Making Women Responsible

In a landmark judgement passed by the court – A married women too is responsible for maintaining the parents. This is far by the most righteous step towards women equality. It is not always about demanding rights ,but doing our duties too.

With this judgement ,many old age notions will be broken-

  1. So many people still prefer educating boys over girls ,as they see them as their providers . This will help break the bias and encourage parents to educate their girls.
  2. It will also help in negating the belief of daughters being “Paraya Dhan”(belonging to somebody else’s family) and thus not taking money from them.
  3. It puts a stand in the society that -If after marriage girl becomes part of husband’s family that does not imply she has left her parents family.
  4. This judgement encourages women to be financially independent not just for themselves but for their parents too.
  5. With a girl no more being a burden the practice of dowry and female infanticide will abolish.
  6. Most importantly ,it does away with gender defined roles .

Kudos to this judgement!!

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Is Humanity Lost?

The other day my parents were complaining that the world is getting worse.Crime rates have gone up and people are becoming impatient.Somewhere in the midst of technology revolution,humanity is dying.

A friend was discussing that her colleague does not allow her teenage girl to travel  alone.She or somebody always accompanies her.The girl has a  mobile so she  can be in touch. I found this a bit odd as the girl is big enough to travel on own.One can argue as much as one want ,but her fears are not baseless.

I fear for my niece and nephew.Asking my siblings to teach them about child abuse and not leaving them alone in strangers place.We always warn parents to take care of what their child surf on the internet.

News of angry men/women committing heinous crimes ,make us wonder whether this generation is dealing with anger management issues.News of bomb blasts or terrorist attack every now and then leaves no country as safe.

Is this generation going south on the humanity index?

I belong to the generation where technology was just finding its foothold.In a decade ,it achieved unparalleled success.Yes,in my childhood my parents never stopped me from going out alone or no one taught me about child abuse or sex.Wars was what I read in history.

However ,I beg to differ that these crimes have shot up only in this decade.I believe we are becoming aware about them now. 24×7 news channels and hordes of newspapers ,the coverage of the crimes have increased. Also,slowly the shame and the taboo associated with the victim of these crimes being passed on to the accused,more people are forthcoming in reporting them.

Also,the new generation is not shy to talk to their children about sex.Thus,we are able to educate our children and can prevent them from any such incidents.The world was always fighting.Our history books is filled with the different rulers attacking and ruling our country. Earlier a news couldn’t travel far and wide.With advent of web,we come to know about incidents happening at the remotest locations of the world.

Caste based oppression or oppression against women always existed.If anything so,this generation can voice their opinion,can know about their rights easily.

Yes ,like everything else their are cons too.However blaming that the new generation is unsympathetic is incorrect.This generation has information.And in this century-“Information will empower people”